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Give us all the details 😍

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Detail photos are typically the first photos photographers take on wedding days because these little details are the first sneak into your wedding that guests get. Ash Events loves working with local photographers such as Pasha Belman whose work we have featured below. This is another reason why I highly recommend you book your photographers for at least 8 hours, don't rush the process. Not only does this highly increase your chances of publication, your stationer works so hard, they deserve some photos of their work too. Pasha Belman Photography takes the first part of the day to capture the storyline of your big day. With just a piece of paper you are telling the most important factors while essentially guiding your guests on what to expect. Here are a few pointers we give our clients to save you some time & stress later.

You should always order an extra copy of your invitation suite for detail photos (two copies if there is any front & back material)

Designate a shoe box or bag for your detail items.

Inside this bag/box include:

• Your invitation suite (invite, envelopes, detail cards, maps, rsvp cards, etc.) as well as any fun vintage stamps you can find (we have one for every state for our destination couples to use & every South Carolina one ever made)

• 1 copy of any printed materials for your wedding day (menus, programs, place cards etc.)

• Vow books, even if you’re not writing your own vows , these are so special to keep (write a private note on your wedding day to each other inside of them and read it on your anniversary)

• Any Accessories, both partners shoes, jewelry, family heirlooms, perfume/cologne for the day, and ring boxes if you have them

• Any favors or welcome bags

•Ask your florist to leave your photographer a few leftover loose flowers for styling

At Ash Events we ensure all of these items are out and ready to go for the photographer. If you choose not to hire someone to coordinate your day, place your items with all of your details out next to your attire, and bouquet/boutonnière just incase they want to incorporate those. The more options/time you give them, the better photos you’re going to get. Feel free to contact us with questions!


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