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Setting your Wedding Table- What do you need?

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

There’s a lot that goes into fully setting a traditional wedding table. Let’s face it- setting a full table for your wedding can get a little pricey when you factor in the different silverware, glassware, plates, & your guest count. If you’re setting the table at your event these are my recommendations of components. Let’s cover the vocabulary you’ll need to know...

Charger: a charger (sometimes called a service plate) is larger than a standard dinner plate, and is often more decorative in design. I cannot stress this one enough (or tell you how many times I’ve seen it) - you don’t eat off of a charger —instead other plates are set on top of it. If you’re on a tight budget, this is the first thing to go!


Dinner Plate: This is a larger plate that is used to serve the main course.


Salad Plate (if you have a salad): This is a smaller plate used to serve salads or appetizers.

Now for the silverware, always remember forks on the left- spoon & knife on the right.


Salad Fork: This small fork is used to eat salads or appetizers.


Dinner Fork: This is the biggest fork on the table, and is used to eat the main course.


Dinner Knife: This larger knife is used to eat the main course, and may be replaced with a steak knife if required.


Soup Spoon (or as we call it in the low-country, the shrimp & grits spoon): This large spoon has a deeper bowl, used for eating a soup course.

Water Glass: This glass can either be a flat-bottomed cup or a goblet with a short stem.


Don’t forget a napkin to set it all off. Now of course you could add more or less depending on how formal or causal your event is. And if that overloads your brain, Ash Events is prepared to handle all of that for you!



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